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Sulfite de sodium

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Sulfite de sodium

Name : sodium sulfide

N ° CAS: 1313-82-2

CODE SH : 2830101000

Mol wt :78.04

Appearance and charater : yellow or red flakes , with an offensive odor

Candidature :

1. It is used in the production of sulfur dyes in the dye industry, and is the raw material of sulfur blue .

2. also is used as a stain aid for dissolving sulfur dyes in the printing and dyeing industry .

3. for the hydrolysis of raw hide hair removal in the leather industry ,but also for the preparation of sodium polysulfide to speed up the dry skin soft water to help .

4. It is used as cooking agent in paper industry .

5. as rayon denitration and reduction of nitrate content in the textile industry .

6. Also it is the raw material of sodium thiosulfate ,sodium polysulfide ,sulfur dyes and other materials.

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